Play with the gallows

Play adamantly !

Play amid Shitte fellows

Play to death blatantly…


Lay in your grave

Lay down the testimony

Lay wild , die brave

Lay down Saud destiny


Slay Nimr* temerity

Slay your royalty

Slay muslim fraternity

Slay Ummah** unity


Clay around the dead

Clay of admonition

Clay to pay heed

Clay to  royal sectarian ..


Say the pieces of clay

Say doom the executioners

Say of Khamenei***

Say with divine thunders


Pay for the martyrdom

Pay with plague affliction

Pay with fate tantrum

Pay for ‘unjust aggression’


Day of execution

Day to burst

Day of inception

Day to royal bust..


May cause holy wars

May break the Ummah

May prick terrors

May besiege Sunni by Shia..





*Nimr was the emiment Shia muslim leader in the eastern Saudi province, executed last Saturday

**Ummah refers to muslim global empire

***Khamenei refers to Iran’s supreme leader , Ayatullah Ali Khamenei



Shore of levant

Shore of levant

Storm cages
Insane waves
Sea of carnages
Tsunami of wars

Sail of corpse
Heedless wind
Deny the remorse
Breath is fiend

Meek my breath
Weak is voice
Torn its strength
To call for poise

Earth is swallowing
My body my hovel
Shelter is flinching
Blood rains above

Drown in sea, whose
Redness of surface
Gives death ooze
Doom life solace

Free my place
I stand upright
With broken legs
I am part of Levant

Sea shrieks
Hegemony Waves
Stab my flesh
But free my days

My flesh lives
In land a prison
Breath Cleaves
Fighting for freedom

Flesh falls
Wounded reeks
Unjust walls
Death queaks

Embrace my flesh
Oh land taken
Our blood mesh
In your Heaven

Shore is thirsty
May our blood
Quench land rusty
Flesh! Bury in mud

~Mahnoor Javed

A Soul’s birth

A Soul’s Birth

Roam deeper
Rinse with waves
A depth seeker
The Ocean paves

Pave in water
Loam its depth
Hidden is elixir
Of spiritual truth

Pavement rows
Music of splashes
This path avows
All hidden treasures

Dive in your soul
You are an ocean
Perceive as dwell
Let trance learn

Learn the perception
Explore your truth
Soul in meditation
Spirit yearns birth

Revival of origin
Let matter be born
A soul’s heaven
Elixir quest begin

Elixir is faith
To live to die
Universe’s truth
In belief lie

Believe in eternity
Become the elixir
On earth of humanity
In heaven of soul

Belief is truth
Doubt a lie
Whirl in worth
Of a soul’s birth

~Mahnoor Javed



Wings knocked
Calm my passion
Breaths echoed
Breathing friction

Rub on me
Friction of matter
Warmth may free
Bonds of each other

Hinging is the lock
Door is silence
Key is the clock
Time the action

Action , wander
In times eternal
Our souls surrender
To live worldly real

Wandering bodies
Searching each other
Fluttering their souls
In worlds high and pure…

Times in space
Hold our substance
Souls at pace
Gleaming in trance

Passion will fly
Flutes of its wings
Sing soul’s melody
Bondage in strings

~Mahnoor Javed

A Love’s waterfall


Fountain of love
Falling on grass
Grass still naive
Chanting wind hiss

Hiss of suave
Chants on ground
Wandering leaves
Rattle with sound

Grass turns wet
With Dreams of unison
For Water has felt
Grass’s rawness

Raw its touch
Flowing all tune
Pour in search
Of love all pure

Purity of union
Fell on earth
match from heaven
Mystical its birth

Fountain roams
Grass oscillate
Winds moan
Envious of naivete

Grass grew herbs
Accepting water
Dying winds curbs
Bond grew mightier

Live in grass
Dynamic waterfall
Nothing can trespass
Land where we stroll

~Mahnoor Javed


Ray breath on my skin
Play with me
I am damp inside
Longing for heat

Blazes and chills
My life shudders
Hope frills
Sunshine follows thunders

Lustre my glee
Magnetic your light
Glow to my plea
Brighten my insight


It was fire but it didn’t burn me

Ashes built me

I was on fire

Healing my scars


Scars burnt in ashes

My body reborn

Devoid of pain

Burns killed blemishes


Burnt skin breathed

Air of rapture

As scars healed

In heat of smolder


Breaths excited

In fumes of smoke

Sighs relished

Pain still awake


Fire glows

In my heart

Vapor blows

Smog of rebirth