Play with the gallows

Play adamantly !

Play amid Shitte fellows

Play to death blatantly…


Lay in your grave

Lay down the testimony

Lay wild , die brave

Lay down Saud destiny


Slay Nimr* temerity

Slay your royalty

Slay muslim fraternity

Slay Ummah** unity


Clay around the dead

Clay of admonition

Clay to pay heed

Clay to  royal sectarian ..


Say the pieces of clay

Say doom the executioners

Say of Khamenei***

Say with divine thunders


Pay for the martyrdom

Pay with plague affliction

Pay with fate tantrum

Pay for ‘unjust aggression’


Day of execution

Day to burst

Day of inception

Day to royal bust..


May cause holy wars

May break the Ummah

May prick terrors

May besiege Sunni by Shia..





*Nimr was the emiment Shia muslim leader in the eastern Saudi province, executed last Saturday

**Ummah refers to muslim global empire

***Khamenei refers to Iran’s supreme leader , Ayatullah Ali Khamenei




In layers of the roof

The one cloth clad

The seams are aloof

Nostalgia so herald


My young girls be seized

Into chains of matrimony

Ambition to thrive ceased

To ‘study’ an irony


I will break the chain

my oath,  Muzoon’s

Tutelage’s spell to reign

Over  refugee sand dunes


Whatever the sand storm

The immigration may face

My lassies will have platform

to defy illiterate’ Shamal’* terrace


the edge of Zataari**

in the midst of sands

dreading fleeing  fury

I got the friendship bands


My inspiring friend

Fills me with ambition

Child marriages to end

To give educationist tradition….


As the vagabond grows

She must not be ignorant

In the immigrant blows

Be the educated fluorescent….


It is the echoing voice

Of two striving Muzoons

The girls will study and rise

In the immigration ruins !!





*Shamal is the name given to the winds that blow in Syria.

**Zataari is the name of the camp in the Jordan desert where Malala and Muzdoon met first time in early 2014 and began their friendship.

APSACIAN in heaven

my heavenly blood
my blood on green
the last worldly tread
with by oozing vein

my eyes bled
for my brother
the butcher held
the bleeding weather

I can hear the sounds
mother’s howling groan
louder than all hounds
who gave apsac a ruin
the morning of sixteenth
the winds  mourn
the bleeding December
green all red and torn

I walk in paradise
with an year’s gleam
today’s sunrise
gives me a dream

my ambition will live
in my living mates
the upcoming dive
rising in shining fates






































Asylbewerber im LAGESO Berlin

Europe is in grave dread with terrorist attacks ticking like needles of a clock every 80 hours since June. Some refugees with rejected applications have been involved in a few attacks for which the refugees are holding a façade of terrorist and are being despised and immigration is being rebuked publicly. In this European turmoil, refugees matter is still to be dealt with.


The saga of 11 French terrorist attacks as the Normandy Church moans the priest, the aroma of burning candles and flowers shrouding the roads and pavements, the Sunni ISIS claimed siege on Bastion Day, leaving Nice , France terrified , when the state of emergency is given deferment followed by horrific attack by Afghan refugee on German Train all admonish the authorities regarding peace of Europe. Recently the Bavarian town is shivering with terror as Munich streets hold the testimony to suicide bombings.

Previously the air of Europe has been plagued by the wave of terrorism as it crosses Brussels, Istanbul, and Paris in Bataclan attacks.

As the eyes move away from the deadly ISIS Warzones comprised of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sinai territory of Egypt, ISIS backed or incurred terrorist attacks recur over interludes of 3 and half days ever since 8th of June as IntelCenter, a tracker of terrorism, claims. The year of 2016 has been a landmark in the history of European terrorist killings and bombings as the terrorism is escalating despite Government’s efforts and massive deployment of 100,000 militarized police and soldiers all across Europe.

ISIS has adopted a low-tech strategy of attacking low-risk areas that stand highly vulnerable owing to minimal defensive deployments which have disheveled the Government’s defensive policy apart from victimizing the authorities and judicial system with distrust. Daleel Muhammad, Ansbach attacker was still residing in Germany despite having his asylum application rejected. Adel Kermiche, a Syrian refugee who had been deported out of Turkey owing to anonymity and regardless of his fleeing ventures to Syria, was allowed for roaming streets of France, as he slaughtered a 86 tears, old priest. Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray under attack by students has been a prime disbelief of one of the intimidated teachers who knew a teenager attacker.

What is more brutal than killings is the psyche that is emerging following such terrifying incidents. The psyche of the common man that is getting eerie with an attitude of rebutting liberalism and fearing the even the harmless clatter and changes.Bitter is the growing distrust and hatred for the refugees as they are being perceived as terrorists. Psyche is further turning in to a pedantic one, harboring extremism, unwelcoming flexibility, and openness.

The uncontrolled maelstrom of horror stirred by terrorist attacks has led falling confiding of masses in state’s authorities as French PM , Manuel Valls , was subjected to catcalls as he attended the Nice victims’ memorial service.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, called for a quick action and answer from the present governance giving a prelude to new bidding for the supreme task of the state in the coming year. Sarkozy’s remarks warrant legal custody of all suspects without a trial that is being supported by two-thirds of the French citizens.

Thomas de Maziere, Interior Minister of France, clarifies the fact to the general populace that Attacks that struck Northern Europe had not been regulated by the immigrants but the rancor people are developing towards the Syrian refugees is escalating with every single terrorist venture.

Whilst the soccer matches being played across the Germany , there had been banners with slogans of “Welcome Syrian Refugees” which portrayed great munificence towards victims of bloodshed in the preceding year. But now the Welcome is getting mourned over and is diminishing as the attacks haunt peace of the region. Angela Merkel, German President, has been persistent with her decision that ‘we can manage and integrate Syrian refugees’. Merkel has to turn on her defensive demeanor if she wills to stay in presidency next year as the voters are displaying unease and turmoil at her decision of inhabiting refugees in their country,



Merkel has vowed to deport all those who have rejected applications to get deported but the situation of deporting refugees is lagging behind the demands of the security and populace for about 400,000 application for asylum had been impending for approval. Apart from this, about 170,000 people had their applications dismissed and they had not been deported. Among these with non-conducive deporting was Daleel Muhammad.


Young minds of refugees are the risk points of the exodus influx as these juvenile minds can be manipulated and brainwashed well by the extremists. This state of emotional vulnerability and instability of their young minds towards manipulation has been attributed Armin Nassehi, Ludwig Maximilian University migration issues examiner in Munich.

“The central problem is that refugees have much more complicated life situations. They are people with traumatic experiences on the one hand and not knowing what will happen them to the future on the other,” he told media.


The dilemma such circumstances impose is bearable to some while is mutilating to other minds. Whether or not to inhabit and accept the already wretched Syrian refugees fleeing to European states depends upon the mindset the populace adopts regarding them. For some, they are killers, for few they remain as miserable creatures who have been forced to abandon their homeland. Will they be treated as beasts or poor creatures is still under question? While their detention as terrorists seems a remedy against the plague of terrorism, rampant all over the Europe, will their detention really be a step towards tranquility or will their internment go in vain in matters of peace establishment? Are the militia and police that has been getting deployed for terror spread enough to tackle the refugees deporting or if adequate, is it a mere waste of defense resources to be dealing with the incarceration of rejected asylum applicants while the real terrorists come unheeded?






downloadTheresa May has made Jeremy Corbyn get pawned by the mauling as she answers her first PMQ at the House of Commons with an intonation and response mimicking Thatcher’s.

House of commons acquired a sneering air as UK PM responded to her first ever PM questions session to Jeremy’s remarks to David Cameron regarding ‘unscrupulous employers’, Mrs. May exclaimed cynically that Labour Party members must be apprised of a ” boss who exploits the principles”.

In a wham audible in the hall of House of commons , which majority plaudit about her reaction , Mrs. May noted that there are many member settled on the opposition chairs who are well accustomed to an ‘unscrupulous boss’.

She claimed further that the boss Labour Party knows well , is deaf to his party’s workers demands , who wants many o double their work burden and who does exploitation of the rules to enhance his caliber.

Theresa May utilized the PMQs session to make the bafflement regarding the goal to cut down on immigration clear , that the government is aspiring to bring the immigration figures down to levels that are sustainable. She also confirmed that the target for waning the immigrants set at tens of thousands which had been committed yet missed by Cameron would be reached.

Earlier on Tuesday , Home Secretary , Amber Rudd along with Boris Johnson , the Foreign Secretary claimed that the touchstone of tens of thousands had been dismissed.

Theresa May explained the fact that the Brexit vote taken on June 23rd of the current year reflected an unambiguous  message regarding immigration that the liberal exodus of refugees in to UK must be halted.

Net migration is scaling at second highest in history at 333,000.

In the session she also made her upcoming visit to Germany to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, president of France known to the parliament.She noted that her trips would aim to make a success of Brexit vote apart from making strong ties with France and Germany.

Mrs. May does not think exiting EU an easy challenge thereby she further has decided to subdue British presidency of European Council till 2017 , for the times rather do not favour it.




Erdogan, Turkish president is defiant to execute the head honchos of and all those arrested for the coup in the country despite premonitions regarding faltering of its application to join EU and cancellation of its membership of NATO. This has emerged as temerity of Turkish government especially in eyes of EU and US, who wanted the beheading ruled out all over the Europe.
Despite warning directed to its EU membership that if it revives ‘beheading’ of those in detention due to charges of treason in a coup , Turkey has the audacity to defy the requests from Europe and warnings from EU Foreign policy chief, Federica Mogheireni and US Secretary of State, John Kerry of abstinence from execution.
Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, claimed that ‘The people are of the opinion that these terrorists should be killed ‘ and further noted that why these detainees are fed in prison for the coming years to initiate a new wave of revolt. This decision of Erdogan is being supported by his allies as they claim that a coup like this, that almost capsized the boat of the Turkish government, partially destructed the parliament and massacred hundreds of the civilians must be dealt with measures as taken by the Turkish government.
Erdogan has hitherto banished about 30 official governors, 50 magnates, 103 Admirals and Generals and detained 6,000 soldiers. John Kerry said that the perpetrators of the coup must be brought to justice but extremes measures should be kept at caution while doing justice to the detainees.
It has also been reported that about 20,000 news websites seething with anti-government headlines have been shut down as well.
A spokesman for German chancellor, Angela Merkel said the EU was a community of values and any country that institutes death penalty would cease to be a member, in support of Federica Mogheirni warning of rebuttal of Turkish EU membership.
The refugee pact between EU and Turkey, aiming at giving Turkish people visa-free access to 26 countries has also hinged, for Erdogan has denied the key condition, Federica has declared for its EU membership.
Jean-Marc, French foreign minister regards Turkey as a ‘strategic partner’ but he urges that the response towards coup must be more democratic rather less democratic.
Whether it is the temerity of President or some democracy he ought to follow by implementing anti-terror laws like execution, Turkey has shown inflexibility to EU, the US and European countries pleadings. The fate of detainees be execution or imprisonment, justice is yet to be done.