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The blazing climb

The wind was blazing her skin and her eyes were being blinded by soot … she was not accustomed to this type of ordeals offered by weather yet she stood there with determination with fiery ambition not because she could not move into some shelter or change her course of travel but because she was blazing within from a passion which none could comprehend….
She had been blessed very often with those refreshing rains that her given her skin much sleek appearance and also had added some delicacy in her being , nonetheless she was gaining strength in the dreadful weather .. no doubt the nuisance nauseated her , the dust dirtied her phizog , the heat burnt her desires yet the thirst kept growing , the rocky abets torn her dress , that flesh that was shiny always paled , the shoes she wore expired with her bare feet crushing the pebbles beneath for they were strong enough to make her reach her destination …..
No doubt she had feminine vulnerabilities yet she was hardy enough to make men aloof … she was broken and erect , independent but a captive , honored but insulted , walking but cringing , supported yet marred , encouraged yet rebuked , hated by all she encountered for she was never inferior nor equal to anyone in aptitude indeed more because she looked so invincible …
Fantasies were her support in any upset but now they were being vanquished brutally by rejection and guilt.. she was losing grip yet tethering to that rope tied to the mountain top because she knew she inevitably had to climb it no matter how fragile she was because she was also naive to make people leave her. The future could never be rewarding if she stopped climbing and rested because all rest areas were occupied by those faces she had implored to … now she could not bear more… she would obviously stumble and fall if she made a single more hope to get a relief in the merciless clouds covering all mountain…..


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