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The whole attire of my passion is not virtual enough to let the reality reveal..
I was wholly freckled some time ago with guilt but time has taken the blemish away..
That blemish awakened my spirits.. it gave me strange satisfaction as I reckoned over its depth… I was settled in storms then.. I had no ship.. I did not know to swim or to get to some island.. I was being defeated by strong waves but I never drowned…
Where is that ignition of passion on which I thrive… I cannot search you because your essence is humiliating.. I cannot approach the fire .. it can burn my beauty… I cannot withstand your cruel flames.. my passion.. your death saves my life but kills my happiness. I cannot embrace the adversity of heart without your heat…
Give me some heat my passion.. I want you…


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When roar is near I will bland the noise To soothe your ear I will sing a melody

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