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At destination threshold

she stood enmeshed in the fluorescence of the
majestic sunshine as her head was turning to accede to her
utmost destination.. she faced the rising sun
with her gleaming eyes… the signs of gleefulness
settled on her face as the light rays penetrated
her skin and the radiance reflected back from her
hands and face… with her covered body she could
reflect all the energy her destination throwing over
her… glorifying her existence..
all the finesse the destination sought was finding its way to
get absorbed into her blood and the art , the mystery of success and fulfillment was
flowing throw her vein ,  nullifying all the bad that had
entered it, all the chaos was ending.. her heart was constraining the
majestic sobs of spirit and achievement while
her spine was stiffening her entire body to end all
shakiness the ritual of salvation from the denial
of self recognition was presenting… and the air squeezed through her breaths to
steady her beats whilst the warmth of the sun
bloomed her skin to be ready to enter the realm of her dreams and the salvation was
complete and honored by her fate…


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When roar is near I will bland the noise To soothe your ear I will sing a melody

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