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The happened to date…

     My eyes hath dreamt
     My soul has merged
     My breaths hath leant
     The care imagined

     The dream of fantasy
     The merge of fates
      The breaths of ecstasy
      The care at locked gates..

      The dream’s warmth
      Pacifies my cold
       Ardour gets height
      Maniac moves told

      How much its frozen?
      The hearth I owe
       The fall of unison
       The flickering woe

       With the least causality
       I hold my frame
       My dying sensuality
       Daggers all my tame

       I have fallen erect
        With the eyes wild
       The will up stead
        All cuts only mild




About natalieken

When roar is near I will bland the noise To soothe your ear I will sing a melody

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