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I can see the destiny of stars mingling with the sounds of vindictiveness… I cannot fathom myself there rising above the skies into the substance of infinity yet I am infinity… with the soul I am carrying I will stay in the universe either walking in the bodily outfit or resting in the divine space..  with what outfit I cannot myself declare… blessed or cursed ??
With the final destination awaiting the arrival of my body my dream goes weak .. my hands go numb.. my storms calm down.. but the peace is not blessed.. it is not peace it is numbness.. it is the decline of art of the soul to manifest through my body.. my soul is getting dark… I cannot find light in the lamps you light all along the terrestrial paths… my luminescence is fading in this terse land… I want to get the sparks back… I want my hands to got that alive to seek for my want or at least for my soul’s want… I cannot abandon my beats… they have left me too.. they make me go alive and content… I am getting dull… something is lacking. 


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When roar is near I will bland the noise To soothe your ear I will sing a melody

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