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Following only a few days after a military coup that came out to be a failure in Turkey , Turkish President Erdogan has called for the revival of death penalty for the captured people charged for treachery against the reign of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.This has stigmatized criticism from Human rights organizations all around the globe particularly EU.

It has been claimed that about 7,000 people held guilty for the act of treason have been nabbed and are being subjected to humiliating actions like stripping them  and coercing them to kneel down. Many of those who have undergone detention are being kept at horse stables.

While Erdogan is being found treating the arrested despotically ,the democratic system of Turkey is getting questioned ? Does monarch like attitude justify the democracy , Turkey claims it has.

Responding to that , President Erdogan noted that the crowd had been chorusing around in rallies ,’we want the death penalty’,  and paying no heed to people’s plea is violation of democracy and it is Common man’s right to get his request acceded to. He further noted that this right of people ought to be evaluated by appropriate constitutional authorities who will then come out with a decision.

Federica Mogherini, European Union (EU) foreign policy chief , notifies Turkish government that if revives the death penalty , it will be reducing its chances to join EU as a member. ‘No country can become an EU state if it introduces death penalty’, claims Federica.

John Kerry, US Secretary of state , has also procrastinated a bad fate for Turkish membership of NATO if it fails to uphold democracy in its region for the state also claims to be monitoring Turkish reaction towards the unsuccessful coup. .NATO alliance countries are meant to “uphold democracy , including tolerating diversity”, claims States Department on Monday.

Turkey first applied for membership of EU in 1997 but was only considered in 1999. Her application went stalled several times till it signed a contact with the Union to restrain the flow of refugees abandoning its shores which gave  her application an uplift. Whilst Turkish application jeopardized again for EU membership , what fate President Erdogan can decide for his country , the revival of death penalty heeding to Turkish masses or acceding to Foreign will to concoct a democracy devoid of her own people’s will ?



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