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downloadTheresa May has made Jeremy Corbyn get pawned by the mauling as she answers her first PMQ at the House of Commons with an intonation and response mimicking Thatcher’s.

House of commons acquired a sneering air as UK PM responded to her first ever PM questions session to Jeremy’s remarks to David Cameron regarding ‘unscrupulous employers’, Mrs. May exclaimed cynically that Labour Party members must be apprised of a ” boss who exploits the principles”.

In a wham audible in the hall of House of commons , which majority plaudit about her reaction , Mrs. May noted that there are many member settled on the opposition chairs who are well accustomed to an ‘unscrupulous boss’.

She claimed further that the boss Labour Party knows well , is deaf to his party’s workers demands , who wants many o double their work burden and who does exploitation of the rules to enhance his caliber.

Theresa May utilized the PMQs session to make the bafflement regarding the goal to cut down on immigration clear , that the government is aspiring to bring the immigration figures down to levels that are sustainable. She also confirmed that the target for waning the immigrants set at tens of thousands which had been committed yet missed by Cameron would be reached.

Earlier on Tuesday , Home Secretary , Amber Rudd along with Boris Johnson , the Foreign Secretary claimed that the touchstone of tens of thousands had been dismissed.

Theresa May explained the fact that the Brexit vote taken on June 23rd of the current year reflected an unambiguous  message regarding immigration that the liberal exodus of refugees in to UK must be halted.

Net migration is scaling at second highest in history at 333,000.

In the session she also made her upcoming visit to Germany to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, president of France known to the parliament.She noted that her trips would aim to make a success of Brexit vote apart from making strong ties with France and Germany.

Mrs. May does not think exiting EU an easy challenge thereby she further has decided to subdue British presidency of European Council till 2017 , for the times rather do not favour it.



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