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Asylbewerber im LAGESO Berlin

Europe is in grave dread with terrorist attacks ticking like needles of a clock every 80 hours since June. Some refugees with rejected applications have been involved in a few attacks for which the refugees are holding a façade of terrorist and are being despised and immigration is being rebuked publicly. In this European turmoil, refugees matter is still to be dealt with.


The saga of 11 French terrorist attacks as the Normandy Church moans the priest, the aroma of burning candles and flowers shrouding the roads and pavements, the Sunni ISIS claimed siege on Bastion Day, leaving Nice , France terrified , when the state of emergency is given deferment followed by horrific attack by Afghan refugee on German Train all admonish the authorities regarding peace of Europe. Recently the Bavarian town is shivering with terror as Munich streets hold the testimony to suicide bombings.

Previously the air of Europe has been plagued by the wave of terrorism as it crosses Brussels, Istanbul, and Paris in Bataclan attacks.

As the eyes move away from the deadly ISIS Warzones comprised of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sinai territory of Egypt, ISIS backed or incurred terrorist attacks recur over interludes of 3 and half days ever since 8th of June as IntelCenter, a tracker of terrorism, claims. The year of 2016 has been a landmark in the history of European terrorist killings and bombings as the terrorism is escalating despite Government’s efforts and massive deployment of 100,000 militarized police and soldiers all across Europe.

ISIS has adopted a low-tech strategy of attacking low-risk areas that stand highly vulnerable owing to minimal defensive deployments which have disheveled the Government’s defensive policy apart from victimizing the authorities and judicial system with distrust. Daleel Muhammad, Ansbach attacker was still residing in Germany despite having his asylum application rejected. Adel Kermiche, a Syrian refugee who had been deported out of Turkey owing to anonymity and regardless of his fleeing ventures to Syria, was allowed for roaming streets of France, as he slaughtered a 86 tears, old priest. Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray under attack by students has been a prime disbelief of one of the intimidated teachers who knew a teenager attacker.

What is more brutal than killings is the psyche that is emerging following such terrifying incidents. The psyche of the common man that is getting eerie with an attitude of rebutting liberalism and fearing the even the harmless clatter and changes.Bitter is the growing distrust and hatred for the refugees as they are being perceived as terrorists. Psyche is further turning in to a pedantic one, harboring extremism, unwelcoming flexibility, and openness.

The uncontrolled maelstrom of horror stirred by terrorist attacks has led falling confiding of masses in state’s authorities as French PM , Manuel Valls , was subjected to catcalls as he attended the Nice victims’ memorial service.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, called for a quick action and answer from the present governance giving a prelude to new bidding for the supreme task of the state in the coming year. Sarkozy’s remarks warrant legal custody of all suspects without a trial that is being supported by two-thirds of the French citizens.

Thomas de Maziere, Interior Minister of France, clarifies the fact to the general populace that Attacks that struck Northern Europe had not been regulated by the immigrants but the rancor people are developing towards the Syrian refugees is escalating with every single terrorist venture.

Whilst the soccer matches being played across the Germany , there had been banners with slogans of “Welcome Syrian Refugees” which portrayed great munificence towards victims of bloodshed in the preceding year. But now the Welcome is getting mourned over and is diminishing as the attacks haunt peace of the region. Angela Merkel, German President, has been persistent with her decision that ‘we can manage and integrate Syrian refugees’. Merkel has to turn on her defensive demeanor if she wills to stay in presidency next year as the voters are displaying unease and turmoil at her decision of inhabiting refugees in their country,



Merkel has vowed to deport all those who have rejected applications to get deported but the situation of deporting refugees is lagging behind the demands of the security and populace for about 400,000 application for asylum had been impending for approval. Apart from this, about 170,000 people had their applications dismissed and they had not been deported. Among these with non-conducive deporting was Daleel Muhammad.


Young minds of refugees are the risk points of the exodus influx as these juvenile minds can be manipulated and brainwashed well by the extremists. This state of emotional vulnerability and instability of their young minds towards manipulation has been attributed Armin Nassehi, Ludwig Maximilian University migration issues examiner in Munich.

“The central problem is that refugees have much more complicated life situations. They are people with traumatic experiences on the one hand and not knowing what will happen them to the future on the other,” he told media.


The dilemma such circumstances impose is bearable to some while is mutilating to other minds. Whether or not to inhabit and accept the already wretched Syrian refugees fleeing to European states depends upon the mindset the populace adopts regarding them. For some, they are killers, for few they remain as miserable creatures who have been forced to abandon their homeland. Will they be treated as beasts or poor creatures is still under question? While their detention as terrorists seems a remedy against the plague of terrorism, rampant all over the Europe, will their detention really be a step towards tranquility or will their internment go in vain in matters of peace establishment? Are the militia and police that has been getting deployed for terror spread enough to tackle the refugees deporting or if adequate, is it a mere waste of defense resources to be dealing with the incarceration of rejected asylum applicants while the real terrorists come unheeded?




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