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In layers of the roof

The one cloth clad

The seams are aloof

Nostalgia so herald


My young girls be seized

Into chains of matrimony

Ambition to thrive ceased

To ‘study’ an irony


I will break the chain

my oath,  Muzoon’s

Tutelage’s spell to reign

Over  refugee sand dunes


Whatever the sand storm

The immigration may face

My lassies will have platform

to defy illiterate’ Shamal’* terrace


the edge of Zataari**

in the midst of sands

dreading fleeing  fury

I got the friendship bands


My inspiring friend

Fills me with ambition

Child marriages to end

To give educationist tradition….


As the vagabond grows

She must not be ignorant

In the immigrant blows

Be the educated fluorescent….


It is the echoing voice

Of two striving Muzoons

The girls will study and rise

In the immigration ruins !!





*Shamal is the name given to the winds that blow in Syria.

**Zataari is the name of the camp in the Jordan desert where Malala and Muzdoon met first time in early 2014 and began their friendship.


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