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Play with the gallows

Play adamantly !

Play amid Shitte fellows

Play to death blatantly…


Lay in your grave

Lay down the testimony

Lay wild , die brave

Lay down Saud destiny


Slay Nimr* temerity

Slay your royalty

Slay muslim fraternity

Slay Ummah** unity


Clay around the dead

Clay of admonition

Clay to pay heed

Clay to  royal sectarian ..


Say the pieces of clay

Say doom the executioners

Say of Khamenei***

Say with divine thunders


Pay for the martyrdom

Pay with plague affliction

Pay with fate tantrum

Pay for ‘unjust aggression’


Day of execution

Day to burst

Day of inception

Day to royal bust..


May cause holy wars

May break the Ummah

May prick terrors

May besiege Sunni by Shia..





*Nimr was the emiment Shia muslim leader in the eastern Saudi province, executed last Saturday

**Ummah refers to muslim global empire

***Khamenei refers to Iran’s supreme leader , Ayatullah Ali Khamenei



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