Ray breath on my skin
Play with me
I am damp inside
Longing for heat

Blazes and chills
My life shudders
Hope frills
Sunshine follows thunders

Lustre my glee
Magnetic your light
Glow to my plea
Brighten my insight



It was fire but it didn’t burn me

Ashes built me

I was on fire

Healing my scars


Scars burnt in ashes

My body reborn

Devoid of pain

Burns killed blemishes


Burnt skin breathed

Air of rapture

As scars healed

In heat of smolder


Breaths excited

In fumes of smoke

Sighs relished

Pain still awake


Fire glows

In my heart

Vapor blows

Smog of rebirth


In layers of the roof

The one cloth clad

The seams are aloof

Nostalgia so herald


My young girls be seized

Into chains of matrimony

Ambition to thrive ceased

To ‘study’ an irony


I will break the chain

my oath,  Muzoon’s

Tutelage’s spell to reign

Over  refugee sand dunes


Whatever the sand storm

The immigration may face

My lassies will have platform

to defy illiterate’ Shamal’* terrace


the edge of Zataari**

in the midst of sands

dreading fleeing  fury

I got the friendship bands


My inspiring friend

Fills me with ambition

Child marriages to end

To give educationist tradition….


As the vagabond grows

She must not be ignorant

In the immigrant blows

Be the educated fluorescent….


It is the echoing voice

Of two striving Muzoons

The girls will study and rise

In the immigration ruins !!





*Shamal is the name given to the winds that blow in Syria.

**Zataari is the name of the camp in the Jordan desert where Malala and Muzdoon met first time in early 2014 and began their friendship.


Play with the gallows

Play adamantly !

Play amid Shitte fellows

Play to death blatantly…


Lay in your grave

Lay down the testimony

Lay wild , die brave

Lay down Saud destiny


Slay Nimr* temerity

Slay your royalty

Slay muslim fraternity

Slay Ummah** unity


Clay around the dead

Clay of admonition

Clay to pay heed

Clay to  royal sectarian ..


Say the pieces of clay

Say doom the executioners

Say of Khamenei***

Say with divine thunders


Pay for the martyrdom

Pay with plague affliction

Pay with fate tantrum

Pay for ‘unjust aggression’


Day of execution

Day to burst

Day of inception

Day to royal bust..


May cause holy wars

May break the Ummah

May prick terrors

May besiege Sunni by Shia..





*Nimr was the emiment Shia muslim leader in the eastern Saudi province, executed last Saturday

**Ummah refers to muslim global empire

***Khamenei refers to Iran’s supreme leader , Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


APSACIAN in heaven

my heavenly blood
my blood on green
the last worldly tread
with by oozing vein

my eyes bled
for my brother
the butcher held
the bleeding weather

I can hear the sounds
mother’s howling groan
louder than all hounds
who gave apsac a ruin
the morning of sixteenth
the winds  mourn
the bleeding December
green all red and torn

I walk in paradise
with an year’s gleam
today’s sunrise
gives me a dream

my ambition will live
in my living mates
the upcoming dive
rising in shining fates